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by TJ Sadler February 12, 2018

CanPrev is a company that started in Toronto, Canada, and is on a mission to improve the natural medicine Industry. We wanted to know more about them so we sent over a few interview questions. Read below to find out more about CanPrev and how they can help you take preventative measures for your health. 

Why CanPrev?  
CanPrev grew out of a desire to make natural medicine safe, effective and accessible to everyone. We believe that good health is at the heart of all good passions. It is behind every shout-worthy accomplishment, every moment with family, every mountain climbed and every hard-earned victory.
We are focused on making the best possible products that informed patients and real practitioners can use. This demands a real understanding of the underlying root causes. It requires learning the actions and mechanisms of every ingredient before it goes into a capsule. We insist on high standards of purity and potency for each and every ingredient sourced.

Staying true to our mission has helped to create a company that we are proud to work for. And for over a decade, our passion for good health has driven us as much as it has sustained us.
We’re working to put your health back into your hands.

What sparked the idea to sell these types of products?

Our founder Tanya Salituro, after having breast cancer 3 times, still found herself searching for all-natural long-term solutions. She finally found a better level of health with a team of Naturopathic and Homeopathic Doctors.
Tanya Salituro founded CanPrev in 2005 to share her passion she developed with natural health during her three separate journeys with breast cancer. Her mission - to bring natural medicine mainstream.

“I was frustrated with products that did not make me feel any different even after months of dedicated use. I was also very fearful of unsafe products as a doctor once told me the dose of mushroom supplements I was taking was likely toxic. Additionally, I found it difficult to take the 36 capsules per day that was prescribed. So now I take fewer (our) products, feel much better, know I am safe, and a month’s supply is more affordable for Canadians than the many, expensive products I was buying.”

-- Tanya Salituro, Founder, CanPrev Premium Natural Health Products
You can read more about Tanya’s health story and how CanPrev came to be by visiting here:


What makes your company unique?

Potency, purity and overall quality is number one for us, but the attention to formulating by local, practicing naturopathic doctors and the amount of educational material prepared for those driven to help themselves, really makes us unique.

What does the company stand for?

Our name CanPrev stands for --  “You can prevent!” However, we like to also say it stands for “Canada Prevention.”  Our mission has always been to bring natural medicine mainstream.

Where is CanPrevs head office? How many current employees work for the company?

CanPrev headquarters is located in Toronto Ontario. However, you can often find our brand ambassadors climbing towards the top of a mountain, hiking through a valley or trekking somewhere through the great Canadian outdoors.

At the time we developed our flagship product, Immuno Multi™, we had around three employees. We have since moved twice and grown to roughly 40 employees.

What are some of the common ingredients that you can find in your products?

We have invested a lot of time and resources into understanding minerals and amino acid chelates in order to create effective formulations. Our magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium formulations are bound to the amino acid glycine. This pairing delivers exceptional absorbability and overall results.

Where can a customer find Canprev products?

Our products are available at your local health food and retail stores. You can find a store nearest to you by visiting this link:

Also, all of our products are available at these larger online retailers:

We greatly value the conversations we have with our consumers, please always feel free to reach out to us:

We also love connecting with individuals online where health stories can be shared. Please feel free to join us on social media!

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TJ Sadler
TJ Sadler


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