Edmonton Community: Photoshoot with Holland & Associates

by TJ Sadler January 05, 2018

We have said it once, and we will say it again: Edmonton's small business community is one of a kind. Last month, we teamed up with Holland & Associates, My Home Construction and Design, Michelle Law and architect Dean Thomas to do our winter photoshoot in their recently completed home. 

The home is lit by natural light flowing in from the large windows. It is lightly decorated with the perfect final touches. When you step inside, you feel as though you are transported into a oasis by the beach. 

As a company that is local to Edmonton, we are grateful for the community of people in this city. 


Realtors: Holland & Associates 

Builder: Builder: My Home Construction and Design 

Architect: Dean Thomas 

Interior Design: Michelle Law 

Photos: Vivid Ribbon Photography 

TJ Sadler
TJ Sadler


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