Fall Fashion - 5 Canadian Fitness Brands We Love Right Now

by Jenise Kropp October 07, 2016

The seasons are changing and so are our wardrobes. Most women will tell you it’s their favourite time of the year for spending those hard earned bucks (I can concur). Maybe it’s those to die for leather boots, comfy cashmere sweater or a new cold weather jacket (ohh the jackets) that your coveting! Well its also the perfect time of the year to switch up your fitness gear! 

We’re all about supporting homegrown brands and when it comes to fitness apparel, it’s no different. When in search for the perfect pair of workout pants, tops, sports bras etc, we frequently turn to Canadian brands and local favourites. With the apparel market being over-saturated, it can be difficult to determine where to shop. If you need a helping hand in finding your next gym outfit, we’ve put together some our favourites this fall season!


Local Laundry Apparel was inspired by the pride that people have of their neighborhoods and communities. People are proud of where they come from, not only their country or city but the local community that they grew up in, live in or are a part of. This line wants to help people connect and build their communities. Reppin' Calgary since 2014 this super cool brand is all Canadiana and not afraid to show it!

Can Snap Back $35



The Vancouver based line Public Myth has been making waves for quite some time. The eco friendly and technical athleisure and fitness fabrics are not only comfortable, durable but they have an awesome always fresh selection! Their moto is “Live With Passion” and I’m really passionate about this bra!

Empire Sports Bra $69.00



SKFT is uniting health and fitness enthusiast all across Saskatchewan. This lifestyle line was created and is owned by serial entrepreneur and national bikini competitor Jordana Jacobson. Launched in 2016 we see BIG things ahead for them!

Cutoff Tee/ Dumbbell Charm $29/$24




As they say "If it's not comfortable, it's not Camp". Camp Brand Goods has some seriously comfortable and cute all year round essentials. Quality tested in the Canadian Rockies Camp Brand has you covered for any adventure, exploration, or lazy Sunday night Netflix sesh

Camp Alpine Club Crewneck $90



Lolë is a woman’s activewear brand founded in 2002 in Montreal that stands for ‘Live Out Loud Everyday.’ Since its humble beginnings, the brand has grown to be sold in over 1700 retail stores today and provides a range of designs inspired by well-being at a competitive price point. The brand predominately focuses on clothing for yoga, however, you can also find running gear, training gear, swimsuits and a ton of accessories. If you’re looking to mix up your fitness wardrobe then Lolë may just be the brand you’ve been searching for.



Jenise Kropp
Jenise Kropp


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