Healthy Tips and Mantra’s for 2017!

by Jenise Kropp January 16, 2017

Congratulations! You survived the first few weeks of 2017. If you made resolutions and already broke them, don’t worry! It’s always a good idea to make good intentions and desire to learn and grow in each year but take the pressure off yourself! Now that we’ve settled back into the daily routine of work and life (made and broke a half of our new years resolutions already) let’s reset our good intentions! Here’s a list of our top tangible mantras to make this your best year yet!


1.) Plan Smarter

Even if you’re not a list person, writing your to-do list down on paper will make a huge difference, especially with your mind a little foggy from the holidays. There’s something about visually seeing your tasks and crossing them off that helps with efficiency and productivity. You might forget something on a to-do list in your mind, but you won’t be able to forget it on paper. It’s also very gratifying to see a list completely marked off, showing that all of your tasks/goals are complete. Having a plan makes everything so much easier. Make sure to leave room for flexibility and be prepared for things to change. Once you have a plan, you’ll be able to get things done more efficiently; even if something goes wrong along the way.


2.) Set Intentional Goals

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of your new goals and plans, you’re busy during the holidays, over extending yourself and over indulging, and then within a week you’re back to getting into the swing of things. Let’s reset, let’s simplify, and let’s be easy on ourselves. If you already broke numerous resolutions it’s ok, most of us have. Let’s remind ourselves why we set those goals and how can we prepare ourselves to achieve milestones this year! One way to simplify and be more productive is to be intentional about what you plan on doing. When making your goals or resolutions, ask yourself “why” and “how” and then write down necessary steps to take to achieve them. Breaking your plans down into smaller pieces will make them feel more attainable and less daunting. Create a robust and realistic plan, break it down, expect change, keep it fluid and continuously revisit “why” this is important to you!


3.) Create a New Mindset

Everyday we have opportunities to make things better in our lives simply by how we choose to perceive things. Life’s tough and there’s no getting around that sometimes but when you have the opportunity try to focus more on the positive. This could include writing down an encouraging quote and putting it on your desk, going to lunch with an uplifting friend, or listening to your favorite song. There will be times you fail and let yourself down but take it easy on yourself, your human like anyone lese! There are plenty of ways to incorporate more happiness and light in your day, which will have an effect on everyone around you. Positivity is contagious, pass it on. Putting these tips into effect will certainly help you have a better year, but the most important thing is to be comfortable in your skin. When you are confident, anything is possible! Trusting in yourself and your abilities, look for all the possibilities and smiles in everyday, this will always be the best formula for success and happiness!


4.) Declutter

Now is the perfect time relieve the clutter and simplify your life. Clean house literally and figuratively! Clean up your home office, organize your daytimer, prioritize your life! When your space is clean, your mind will be free to focus and get work done more efficiently. By keeping your surroundings uncluttered, you will have fewer distractions and incorporate more zen in your life. Reduce the junk, unwanted and unneeded in your life, and focus on the “why’s” and how certain aspects of your life help you achieve or hinder your path to success. I’m not just talking about cleaning out your pantry but a whole lifestyle reset. If there’s something or someone in your life you feel is holding you back let it go, let it go!!


5.) 10% Rule

Recently I caught an episode of that most famous daytime “doctor” shows and the whole topic was healthy eating tips for the new year. It’s all about the 10% rule and this really clicked with me because it was easy to…..and easy for anyone to implement in their life. We all have different health objectives like losing weight, gaining more muscle, reducing sugars, carbs, cholesterol everybody has something!  So the plan is 10% at a time, make 10% changes and over time this will significantly help you break habits and incorporate more health into your life. 10% more fruits and veggies, 10% less sugar in your coffee, 10% more walking, 10% more weight on that dumbbell, 10% less ice cream…little by little challenge yourself yet don’t deprive yourself! Maybe it’s mixing up your routine by trying out a new exercise class with a pal or taking your dog for a walk once more a week. Or maybe it’s packing healthy lunches 1 or 2 more days a week. Each and everyday we have the opportunity to cutback or increase in our life 10% at a time, small steps that will lead to your best life!


6.) Make Time To Rest

Besides from a healthy sleeping routine, find ways to relax and take me time. Quiet time is more necessary than most people realize for maintaining a sound mind. Maybe your goal in 2017 is 10% more sleep and I couldn’t agree more!! To be our best and most efficient selves we need to recharge your batteries and take care of ourselves first. Make small changes like going to yoga, taking a long walk, writing in your journal, reading a good book, or cooking your favorite meal. Make sure you have at least one or two nights a week to unplug from the world and recharge yourself.


Jenise Kropp
Jenise Kropp


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