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Today is a good day because we've  got a wonderful giveaway with the FitBox's newest go-to all natural body care line Urban Body Organics!! Looking for a new natural alternative to traditional chemical filed products?!  This Vancouver based line has you covered! Founded by Kelli Taylor,a registered acupuncturist,  and owner of Elements Wellness Centre is a passionate believer in clean living. From experience with her clients she saw the need to develop products that only contribute to your health and to cut out all the crap that's simply not good for your health! UBO was born and sources only the highest quality organic, chemical free, essential oil based body and beauty care products. It's you chance to detox "beauty product" routine and enter to win a selection of goodies worth over $130!! Find contest details below but first learn about what's included!

Mood Mists

Have you ever sprayed an air freshener and end up coughing, gasping for air, and being haunted by a heavy perfume fragrance for hours after? The worst! Traditional air fresheners can actually have some pretty nasty health consequences, check out this article! Mood Mists started out as an all-natural alternative to these products, enhanced by energetic properties,designed to clear both odours and stagnant energy. 

The versatility of these blends, both in regards to the spaces they were used in and the ways they were used, was hard to ignore and the term‘Mood Mists’ was coined. Nowadays, Mood Mists are used in place of perfumes, fabric fresheners—basically anything you want to smell good & refresh! If you have already got your FitBox then I'm sure you're enjoying the Ease Mood Mist but now get the Citrus Cleanse(great for the morning shower or anytime you're looking for a pick me up) and Blue Coconut(it smells like vacation on the beach..use anytime you're looking to escape)

Saucha Yoga Mat Spray

If you have time to suds up your mat and hang it out to dry between sweat sessions, all the power to you! We certainly didn’t. Saucha Yoga Mat Spray was created for the yogi who wants to keep their mat fresh and clean, while not sacrificing their time. Plus, the energetic properties help to turn your mat into a fresh slate every time you practice!

Nothing beats resting your head down in childs pose and being met with the refreshing scent of spearmint mingled with orange. It definitely beats the smell of feet, or the heavy, sometimes plastic-y, smell of a new mat!
UBO has partnered with studios across North America to offer their yoga mat spray in-house for their guests to use, and for the studio to clean their rental mats with. To find out more about our Saucha Studio Program, send us a line! 

Breathe Inhalation Oil

Picture this..... You’re lying face down on a massage table, eagerly awaiting your treatment, when suddenly you realize you’re finding it hard to breathe through your nose. You keep feeling more and more congested, and soon enough you’ve turned into a full-fledged mouth breather.Cue, Breathe Inhalation Oil. 
Here's some tips and ways to incorporate this oil into your busy life!
It’s no secret airports are chalked full of germs and viruses—from all over the place! The
antimicrobial properties of the oils in Breathe can help you combat the threat of picking
something up during your travels. PLUS, since it comes in a 10ml bottle, it complies with airport security restrictions and is easy to store in your purse or bag.
Essential oils have traditionally been used to help treat a myriad of conditions—including
respiratory tract infections! The reported benefits associated with the oils in Breathe Inhalation Oil include antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects...AKA studies have shown that they may help kill bacteria, help reduce inflammation, and help reduce associated pain and discomfort. Plus, using all natural solutions to supplement treatment can help reduce the threat of antibiotic resistance on a global scale.
Keep a bottle at your desk as a gentle reminder to take mindfulness breaks throughout the day.Remove the lid, close your eyes, take a whiff and focus on your breath. The cooling eucalyptus and menthol will refresh your sense, while the lavender helps ease mid-day tension.
Nasty cold going around your home or office? Put a few drops of Breathe in your diffuser. The antimicrobial properties in the oils can help keep the healthy, healthy, and help speed up recovery for anyone who is under the weather.

Hydrating Body Oils

There are a ton of different environmental and biological factors that influence rates of
absorption, but the bottom line is that what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies.This Hydrating Body Oils were created so that you can feel good about what’s going on (and inevitably IN!) your body. Instead of synthetic ingredients like parabens and sulphates, our products contain all-natural ingredients and soothing essential oil blends. Products that contribute to your health and wellbeing and leave you with supple, nourished skin.
Some favourite uses:
  • Hot Yoga
Hot yoga is renowned for its detoxifying effect on the body, so why would you want to slather on chemical filled lotions post sweat? The heat causes pores to open, resulting in the loss of natural moisture. The flip side of this, of course, is that open pores can also absorb more of what is applied to them—for better or for worse!
  • Self-massage
Research has shown that massage positively impacts mental health by lower cortisol levels and releasing endorphins. Self-massage can be a great way to start the day on a positive note, or end it on a relaxing one. The Ease blend is excellent for a pre-bedtime rub-down

Contest Details

Ok here's what you must to for a chance to win this prize..Visit our Instagram page to enter and

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4.) For 2 EXTRA Entries below in the comments section tell us how you cope with stress in your everyday, what are your tips and tricks and what helps you centre yourself


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